Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick Change

How many of you sharp eyed readers noticed a little something different in the photos I posted yesterday? Did anyone catch the shift I've made from cool silver metals to warm brass metals in the bedroom? Take a look at these before and afters, and you will see where I've made some quick changes.



Okay, the lamp is an obvious switch-up, but I've also "changed" the hardware on the nightstands. The drawer pulls on my bedside tables are an unusual style - they're set across a recess in the drawer fronts. Since it would be difficult to replace these, I opted instead to give them a spray paint makeover.

The Quick Change Trio:
Primer, Paint, Lacquer

Two coats of primer:

Two coats of Brass metallic paint:

Two coats of Lacquer:

The hardest part of this DIY was waiting patiently for the paint to dry before sanding between coats. The easiest part was not having to seek out and purchase brand new hardware. I'm really warming up to the shift from silver to brass as an accent metal. What do you think of the transformation?


  1. Spray painting things gold? Best thing ever. Great job!

  2. Ooohhh, love it! Did you have any issues with bubbles or drips? I always have that problem...

  3. Hey Carol-Anne,
    No problem with bubbles or drips, but I try not to get too close to what I'm painting, and I always keep the can moving in a circular motion. This technique seems to work well for me.

  4. Love the brass handles and lamp base - it's so much warmer especially moving into colder months (okay, it doesn't feel like fall today, but....)

    Never used a primer for spray painting, but will certainly try it next time I've got the urge to transform something.

  5. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for the comment! Regarding the primer, I thought it was best since the original silver finish was really shiny (even after sanding). I was worried that the paint finish might easily scrape off when scratched by fingernails or jewellery. The primer coat gives the brass paint something to grab onto.

  6. Hi Pam - Love your room! Can I ask what wallpaper and wall colour you used?


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