Saturday, February 11, 2012

Break Out The Campaign!!

Imagine walking into your local thrift store and finding the exact piece of furniture you've had rolling around in the back of your mind for months. This, my friends, is a true story.

The sagging Ikea entertainment console in my living room needs to be replaced with something sturdier, and I already had a particular piece in mind: a campaign dresser. After searching for nearly 6 months to find the perfect pair of bamboo bedside tables, I could hardly bear the thought of another long furniture quest. So you can imagine my over-the-moon excitement when I popped into the Village on Friday and spied a brand new 7 drawer Dixie Campaigner dresser. When I say brand new, I mean it - the 1971 hangtag is still attached and the handles are wrapped in the original tissue paper. Can you believe my luck? Somebody pinch me!!

Brass Beauties

I will soon have to decide what colour I'm going to paint the dresser - the choices are endless!! Take a look at these gorgeous examples I've gathered from around the interweb. By the way, mine is exactly like the 7 drawer dressers in the last two photos.

Dave & Joi's Natural Finish Campaign Dresser
via Nuestra Vida Dolce

Vanessa De Vargas' Kelly Green Campaign Dresser
via Lonny Mag

Michelle's Royal Blue Campaign Dresser
via Innovative Interior

Cindy Espinoza's Palmetto Green Campaign Dresser
via Viva Cindy

Dina's Bird's Egg Campaign Dresser
via Honey & Fitz

White Campaign Dresser

Claire's Peacock Blue Campaign Dresser
via Traci Zeller Designs

Lakeitha's Pistachio Green Campaign Dresser
via Home To Three Duncan Boys

Cassie's Swan Lake Campaign Dresser
via Cassie & Co.

Jessie's Red Campaign Dresser
via The Long and Short of It


  1. The Hily Grail of thrift store finds! What a great score, it's going to look fabulous in your new space!


  2. You are one lucky girl Pam! The campaign dresser is always on my list of hunt-for items, but sadly Canada seems to have a lack of them. I am thinking of hacking one! Can't wait to see how your turns out!!

  3. Oh wow, I have never heard of this type or furniture! I love the Tiffany blue painted one :)
    I have been looking for a dresser to use as a buffet table to keep my china and linens close by, but I do not like the styles of traditional buffet tables, this dresser would work perfectly! Guess I am off to search the web myself. Cheers, R

  4. OMG! If you are not THE luckiest girl in the world I don't know who is!!!!! WOW! GREAT FIND!!! I die!!! I love the blue of the dresser in the 3rd versatile!!! Can't wait for the AFTER shot!!! Are you sharing how much you had to pay for this fortuitus "gift from the thrifting gods"? I would love to know!!!

  5. OMG! What a find!!!! It will be amazing, no matter what colour you go with. I'm thinking turquoise to match your wallpaper.

  6. @Amy I'm so excited that it's all coming together for the new place!
    @Shannon Stay tuned for a reveal, I'll be painting when the weather gets warmer.
    @R Good Luck!!
    @Vickie The dresser was $90 - far less than I paid for the Ikea console being replaced ;-)
    @heather My head is spinning with all of the possibilities.

  7. Great job on the awesome find, I have to say I love that you call it the "Village" sounds much more posh ;) I love VV they have some amazing treasures, and I have been shopping there for years!! which reminds me I think it's time to go have a sneak at my neighbourhood VV stat!!

  8. Pam - congratulations! I've been on the watch for a campaign dresser since Jan (although I'm really not supposed to buy anything whatsoever till after we move).

    What's the before like? What colour? Is it the same as the 7 drawer styles we see above?

  9. @Wallpaper Thanks! Although I have luck every now and then at the Village, this was my fist big furniture score.

    @Ava Thanks! The colour of my dresser is very much like the first photo, and the style is EXACTLY the same as the last 2 photos (the aqua and the red).

  10. I have a campaign console table and these wonderful colors are making me want to paint it...great images!! Happily following your blog ~

  11. Hi I recently refinished a campaign dresser myself and I say you were so lucky on the handles.. I searched them on Google they are 23 dollars a piece.. ahahhahahh I needed 3 which made my 29 dollar campaign dresser a little pricier that I had planned. lol.

  12. I know this is an old post, but I'm in search of campaign pulls! Any ideas?

    1. Hi Kelly,

      My first instinct would be to check Etsy and eBay. If u don't have any luck at either of those, Paxton hardware sells brand new campaign handles. Good luck!


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