Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project Recovery: 5 Months Later

Okay, okay, I admit it - I procrastinate. If I was really motivated, this project would have been done months ago (and without the help of Mom, my trusty volunteer, it still wouldn't be done). The root of the problem is that I do not actually enjoy DIY projects. Regardless, Project Recovery is now complete, and I can cross one more task off the to-do list.

Here's the cost breakdown:

Set of 5 Chairs: $180
Paint: $22.55
Foam: $25.00
Fabric: $63.53
Labour: Priceless
Total Project Cost: $291.08
Total Cost per Chair: $58.22

When I sell my Ikea Gilbert chairs on Craigslist, I can subtract that amount from the total cost and these chairs will be practically free!!

This is the step by step photo diary of the process:

Refinishing the Wooden Chair Frames

Remove seats from chair frames:

Sand and apply 2 coats of primer:

Apply 2 coats of paint
(Left side is primer, Right side is painted):

Recovering the Seats

Remove all 4 layers of fabric from seats:

Purchase new foam seats or have pieces cut to size.
I took one seat to De Cutting Edge to have 5 pieces of foam custom cut:

Purchase new fabric for seat covers.
I chose fabric #2 from bb bargoons:

Add 4"-5" inches along each edge, mark and cut the fabric:

Staple Fabric to Seat Base:

Reattach seat to frame:

Sit Down & Relax:

All photos by Pamela Graham for Cherish Toronto.


  1. gorgeous. I love them paired with the glass table so that you can see the fabric. It was worth the wait, I'm sure.

  2. They look amazing!

  3. Gorgeous! They turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! Well done!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  4. Thanks to everyone for the compliments on the finished chairs. It took awhile to complete the project, but well worth the effort, and I am very happy with the results. Now I need to come up with a new project, although the next one won't involve any sanding or painting!

  5. Great job on the chairs! They look beautiful!

  6. These look amazing - how are they holding up? I'm considering doing the same to some chairs I found on Craigslist, but am worried that with wear and tear they will chip etc.

  7. The chairs are holding up great. Mind you, I'm a single girl, so I don't always dine at the table. A family would certainly cause more wear and tear. Regardless, there is always paint leftover, and having to touch them up here and there would be easy. Having said that, if you're worried about durability, maybe a third coat of paint would be a good idea. I did just two coats.

  8. Thanks for getting back to me - hopefully I'll be getting my new Craigslist chairs tomorrow. Do you remember how much it was for the foam?

  9. Hi Anonymous,
    The total cost breakdown is listed above, and the foam was $25.00, therefore $5.00 per seat.


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