Monday, March 29, 2010

Fabric: The Final Frontier

This morning I woke up determined that before the day was over, I would find 2 1/4 yards of fabric suitable to complete Project Recovery. Having struck out at Designer Fabric, macFAB, and even at Michael Levine in LA, it was time to knuckle down. So I left Miss Picky at home and took Miss Determined to Get This Project Done...all the way to Concord where the only bb bargoons store is located.

bb bargoons
8201 Keele Street
(North of Hwy 7)

Although known for their fabric selection, bb's also offers an excellent selection of inVU ready-made draperies. This entire wall was lined with a variety of drapery panels in solids, stripes and patterns:

I was quite surprised by the amount of home decor items they also offer - lamps, vases, toss cushions, and assorted accessories to create interesting vignettes. Those pretty yellow gourd lamps are only $69.99 each!!

Now onto the main event: The fabric selection!! The store has a prolific selection of prints in a wide variety of colours. I must have spent 15 minutes just wandering up and down the aisles with bolts of various hues on either side:






Sage Green



Indigo Blue

After ogling all of the other fabrics, it was time to focus on the project at hand. After careful consideration, I narrowed my selection down to these 5 fabric choices:






Which pattern did I choose? Stay tuned for an upcoming post which will feature all of the steps it took to complete Project Recovery from start to finish, including the final fabric choice!


  1. I really enjoy your site. Thanks for this post. You've inspired me to take the trip to BB Bargoons now that I've seen a selection of their fabrics. There used to be one located above Yonge & Eg. that was easy to go to for a quick look at fabric.

  2. just installed fabric #1 in clients dining is stunning...

  3. fabric #1 is my pick too! I actually have that in my house as well! LUV reading your blog.. .. keep it coming Pam!

    so funny you mentioned on your message you were going to bb bargoon. that's my all time favorite as well! I was going to stop by on Monday after dropping off some pieces to Benjamin Furniture Refinishing since they are really a few blocks away .. .but was tight in time so have to pass.

    The location you went has more selection. The store at Lawrence and Yonge is smaller!

  4. Thanks for the compliments!! I love to hear that readers are enjoying the blog, it motivates me to keep writing. To see the fabric I chose, check the post Project Recovery: 5 Months Later.


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