Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toronto Fabric Sources

As each episode of Sarah's House aired on HGTV Canada, I wrote weekly posts to keep readers up to date on what was happening with the renovation of the farmhouse. Most of the comments received on the blog have been from readers looking for the names of fabrics used as draperies. For this renovation, Sarah and Tommy chose many fabrics available strictly to the trade, which means we can't get our hands on them without a designer.

Although I can't provide answers to all of the questions asked by readers, these are two of my favourite retail fabric sources in the Toronto area. Chances are if you've seen something you like on HGTV, you'll be able to find a comparable fabric here:

Designer Fabric Outlet
(Read my original post HERE)

bb Bargoons
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Do you have any fabulous GTA fabric sources to share? If so, share your secrets!!

Good luck fabric hunters!!!


  1. I always go to Designer Fabric Outlet. I always feel like I'm Sarah Richardson when I'm in there!

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Ironic story...
    When I was in Designer Fabric a few years ago, back when Sarah was still filming Room Service, I asked one of the assistants if Sarah Richardson ever came into the shop for fabric. She replied, "Why, yes. In fact, she's here right now." I had to tell Sarah how much I enjoyed her show and how her DIY projects had inspired me to do my own sewing. She was very sweet and totally genuine!

  3. I had a question for you: I thought you might know where to get outdoor cushion foam/stuffing for large furniture (such as couches). I lost my couch cushion in a windy storm last summer, and can't find a store in Toronto that sells them a part from the actual couch. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Melinda,
    Yes, I know a couple of places where you could could get a new cushion for your couch:

    (1) Scarborough:
    Eversoft, 173 Bartley Drive, 416-755-4288

    (2) Etobicoke:
    De Cutting Edge, 1870 Albion Road, 416-740-7052

    I have used both, and both will custom cut what you need at a reasonable price. Good luck.

  5. Just heard about this online store in Toronto:

    Tip was from



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