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Toronto Resource: Designer Fabric Outlet

In my younger days, when my mom needed fabric, whether it be for new drapery or for a special dress, we always went to Uptown Silk Shoppe on George Street in Peterborough. I remember how the floorboards creaked underneath the carpet, and the smooth feel of the banister that ran up the staircase to the second floor. The printed cottons were kept upstairs, upholstery fabrics were housed in the basement, while silks and taffetas were found at the back of the main floor. When we found just the right fabric, the shop assistant would measure the fabric, turning the bolt with a thunk, thunk, thunk on the counter as she counted off the yards. It's funny how I remember some things so vividly...

... For me, visiting a fabric shop represents the beginning of something new. It's often the first step in a project, and it can also be a great source of inspiration for a future endeavour. Now that I live in Toronto, the only fabric store I frequent is Designer Fabric Outlet.

Designer Fabric Outlet
1360 Queen Street West, Toronto

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The store is divided into 3 areas on the main floor:

The first area consists of rows and rows of fabric swatches hung neatly according to fabric content, colour and price. These 12"x12" samples are available to be rented for 10 days in order for customers to see how a fabric coordinates at home. Once a decision is made, the sample is taken to the cutting table to have the yardage cut.

My friend Jackie considers a soft grey silk:

The second section of the store is the clearance room, where you can find textiles often priced as low as $6.99 per yard. You will find end of line and small quantities here, so these fabrics are well suited to small projects.

Fabrics here are displayed by the bolt:

The third section of the main floor is bursting with tassels, trims, ribbons and other notions. There is also an excellent selection of drapery rods and hardware here, which could save you a trip to The Home Depot.

Tassels and trims line the entire east wall:

As mentioned, just browsing through fabrics can become the source of inspiration for an upcoming project!! So although I didn't find just what I was looking for during a recent visit , I did make note of these fabulous wovens for future reference:

This bold print would make great toss cushions:

This would make a pretty duvet cover:

Perfect for lavender sachets:

Check the Designer Fabric Outlet website for further information.


  1. This store is like being in heaven! : )

  2. DECORATORS BEST features the best home decorating designer fabrics for upholstery and drapery. They also have a large selection of designer wallpapers in stock. check out their website: Designer Fabric. They are your one-stop shop for top quality designer fabrics at discount prices.

  3. Check out Y&Co in Toronto for amazing and unique fabrics! They deal mostly with the trade but still sell to the public. Carpet and fabric heaven!!!!

  4. i had the same experience at Uptown Silk Shoppe in Peterborough when I was young. I would accompany my mom and wander up and down the aisles amazed by the colours and choices. Thanks for the memories! Now I'm heading to Designer Fabric for new curtains :)


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