Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah 101: Episode 2 The Nursery

**Spoiler Alert**

The second Episode of Sarah 101 aired yesterday on HGTV Canada I have to admit that I was a bit underwhelmed by the transformation. There were a lot of great elements in this nursery, such as the wallpapered ceiling and the graphic drapery fabric, but overall I found the room to be Did you see this episode? What did YOU think?

Best Element: Graphic curtains with ball fringe.
One of my favourite colour Combos: Orange & Blue

Cuddly & cute custom made baby bedding.
Fabric from Designer Fabrics.

Notice the paisley Thibaut wallpaper on the ceiling.
Certainly interesting for baby to look at!

Great transformation of Ikea storage units.
I always love a nailhead finish!

Are the stripes and framed images too much for one wall?

The completed nursery.
What do you think?

All images courtesy of HGTV Canada.


  1. I wish we could get Sarah 101 here in the states. Nursery a little too much for me. Love the colors.

  2. The stripes with the photos on them are a little strong for my taste. LOVE the curtains. Thanks for posting this. It's the only way to get my "Sarah & Tommy" fix since I live in the states. Cheers - Sioux

  3. thanks for your efforts,living in the states I am in Sarah withdrawl, love the colors but maybe better suited for a study than a nursery.

  4. As the mom of two boys I think this is perfect..seems like a room they can grow into. We're in the transition phase now and this room would be perfect for my 7 and 10 year olds.

  5. Minor practical points - a pillow in a crib!!!??? And a sheep skin on the change table?!? I also think the wallpaper ceiling, plus strips, plus graphic curtains together are a bit much. I really don't like the ceiling.

  6. The ceiling seems really heavy to me.

  7. I think a child would enjoy looking at the ceiling. I like that it is sophisticated and playful!

  8. I feel the room is brilliant, would love to have it as my grownup room now. Love the blues and the orange choices. The paper on the ceiling is stunning in an overall busy space, which still feels like a calming retreat.

  9. what is the brand of the ceiling wallpaper and where can we get the exact the same wall paper, my wife lives everything of it so she like to do it exactly like this..... also the paints information, if anyone knows it will help, thanks


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