Saturday, July 16, 2011

Decision Made

I want to thank everyone who took the time to post a comment or send an email regarding which condo layout I should choose. As of 5 o'clock today, I am officially locked into an agreement to purchase a two bedroom condominium unit in a soon to be constructed project. Some people hate to purchase from a floorplan, but I am a fan (having done it once before), I love to envision the finished space in my mind. I have already started to consider my furniture layout and potential paint colours, although the finished product won't be ready for another year and a half.

I will let you in on which layout I chose, and the factors which influenced my decision. Here are the choices once again:

Suite D2
Orientation: Northeast corner
Square Footage: 874 + 41
Floor: 19th or 20th

Suite D3
Orientation: Southeast corner
Square Footage: 881 + 42
Floor: 5th or 6th

Suite D4
Orientation: Southwest corner
Square Footage: 883 + 72
Floor: 13th

Perhaps I should have pointed out in my original post that this building will be situated just east of a major highway. A highway view and the potential noise factor immediately ruled out the Southwest facing unit (D4). This is unfortunate because a Southwest exposure is generally preferred, plus this unit has the biggest balcony and is the least expensive of my three choices.

Next I should add that this condominium project will consist of three high rise buildings. The other two structures will lie to the southwest and west, with a mutual courtyard area. I overlook the courtyard in my current condominium, and although it can be pleasant, it can also be busy, with people coming and going at all hours. In the new project, the Southeast facing unit (D3) looks onto the courtyard, and is located on a lower floor. In my next home, I prefer to keep my distance from the hustle and bustle of the common areas.

The winning suite is the Northeast facing unit (D2). I am very happy with my choice, and I have compiled a list of the most important deciding factors:
  • Suites on the 20th floor feature 9' ceilings, as compared to 8' or 8'6" on lower floors.
  • East exposure on the 20th floor will capture views of the downtown Toronto skyline.
  • Entry foyer layout allows space for a console table and mirror.
  • Guest bedroom is the widest at 11'3", which provides ample space for 2 bedside tables.
  • Living area is 11' wide, as compared to 10' or 10'3", allowing for easier furniture placement and path to master bedroom.
I can't wait to get started decorating the new space!! You can look forward to inspirational photos and mood boards over the next year and half during the countdown to moving day. Thanks again to all those who "weighed in" with advice and opinions!!

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  1. Congrats! That was my pic even before I knew about the higher ceilings.


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