Sunday, January 15, 2012

Planning a Gallery Wall

The more I look at the floor plan of the new condo, the more I realize how few walls there are to work with. Of course the abundance of natural light will be a huge bonus, but it will take some ingenuity to find a spot for artwork, photography and mirrors. Here is the plan:

  • Yellow Wall - Entry Console Table with Mirror
  • Orange Wall - Gallery Wall of Photos & Original Art
  • Pink Wall - Sideboard with Starburst Mirror
  • Red Wall - Jackson Pollock, Number 8, 1949
  • Blue Wall - Media Console & Shelving
  • Green Wall- Floral Wallpaper
  • Purple Wall - Chinoiserie Wallpaper

The gallery wall will be at the end of the entry hall, and it is where most of my framed photographs and artwork will hang. I like the impact of a gallery wall layout, as long as it appears neat and draws interest without being overwhelming. My favourite examples incorporate both photography, art, and even mirrors in a variety of frames.

Nate Berkus Design:

Charlotte Moss via Habitually Chic:

Mazen El-Abdallah via House and Home:

Tommy Smythe via House and Home:

via House to Home:

via House to Home:

Tori Mellot via Habitually Chic:

Suzanne Dimma via House & Home:

Michael Angus via House and Home:

Heather Clawson via Habitually Chic

Being a highly organized planner, I decided to try a "mock-up" for a potential gallery wall. Using photos of all my framed photographs and artwork, I grouped them together on a dark and dramatic navy blue wall. This first attempt is very neat, with all of the outside edges aligned.

For the second trial, I tried to let the gallery flow more, even though it goes against my orderly nature. There is alignment within the grouping, rather than around the edges. A vibrant kelly green wall really draws the eye to this gallery.

What do you think? Dark, dramatic and orderly? Or bright and free flowing?


  1. I like your inspiration photos, especially the first few ones. Usually I prefer gallery walls that are slightly organized, eg. have the frames lined up along the outside edge - so I prefer your first example although I might space the pictures a tad further apart. I have an example of a gallery wall that I really like on my Projects for 2012 post, which you can see here:

  2. Though the dark wall with orderly photos appeals to my OCD nature. The natural flow of teh green wall feels warm and inviting. Looking forward to the finished product!


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