Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The NeverEnding Story

If you ever hear me refer to my home's decor and you catch the words "I'm done"...it means I intend to be done, but I'm not done. That's just the way it works; there's always another layer to add. My very own never ending story.

Once the drapes are up in both bedrooms, I will officially have run out of funds. It's time to put my nose to the grindstone, work hard this summer and rebuild my depleted savings. During that time, I'll most likely come up with a million ideas, some of which will fall by the wayside and some which will eventually come to fruition.

Just this past weekend I placed an order for wallpaper samples. I love all of these beautiful papers!! Of course I'll have to decide where to use them. In the front entry? On the dining room wall? As an accent wall in the master bedroom? So many possibilities...

Clockwise from top left: Thibaut Papagayo (Cream), Nina Campbell Swan Lake (White), Thibaut Augustine (Blue), Thibaut Ting Yuan (Cream), Shand Kydd Budgie (Navy).

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for another room reveal, I'm hoping to get photos of the master bedroom soon. It's a tricky room to photograph due to lighting, so I'm hoping for a bright & sunny weekend :-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Small Pieces

I've always thought of creating a comfortable home as a process, it rarely happens overnight (unless, of course, you have elves).  Time is spent gathering all of the pieces and then fitting them together just like a jigsaw puzzle. Some pieces are BIG and some pieces are small, but all of the elements have importance in the overall picture.

One of the small things I needed to take care of were new covers for the lumbar cushions that go on the living room slipper chairs. Since I love to tackle my own projects (let's be honest, I take on most of these projects to save $$), I figured I could whip up a pair. Sure, I had made these cushion covers before (see 2009 & 2011), but this time I wanted something a bit fancier...

...I wanted the cushions to have velvet on the front half, a woven graphic on the back half, a fold, sunburst gold buttons and an invisible zipper. I recently had a similar pair professionally sewn for the master bedroom, so I thought, "If someone else can do it, why can't I?" As it turns out, I can do it :-) Yay, me!!



Please take note of the invisible zipper, which I have now MASTERED:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ready for Guests

The guest bedroom in the new condo is sooooo close to being complete that I've deemed it ready for guests and a reveal. This room has been in the works for more than a year - gosh it takes a long time for a plan to come together!! The faux bamboo bedside tables were found on Kijiji in December 2011, and they were given a makeover as part of a D.I.Y. challenge in June 2012. In the meantime, I put together a floorplan and design scheme, which was largely inspired by the chartreuse lily lamps I purchased in a Peterborough antique shop.

With the idea to spread costs out over the course of the year before the move, I tackled projects one at a time, slowly building my design arsenal. The vintage lamps needed to be rewired and new shades were custom made by Lia at Mod Pieces. I had my old headboard reupholstered in a grey velvet found at Designer Fabrics and upgraded to diamond tufting for a touch of luxury.

While rug hunting last summer at the Elte Outlet, I happened upon the SDH diamond coverlet, and then sewed my own pillow shams from a fabulous printed linen also found at Designer Fabrics. You may remember when I found the kantha quilt at a West Elm event last spring; I like how it adds just a touch of pink to the room.

The showstopper in this guest room is the Sanderson "Lilia" wallpaper in lime & silver. I painted all of the walls in Para Paints Pearl (SR30 from Sarah Richardson's designer palette) to match the ivory background of the paper, and then had the focal wall behind the bed and side tables professionally papered.

Some small finishing touches and the room is ready for guests to arrive. Drapery is happening soon, and then the room will be at 100%. My Mom has already stayed in the unfinished room a few times, but now I'm super for her to see the finished product next weekend!

Source Guide:
Wallpaper: Sanderson "Lilia"
Vintage Lamps: Nostalgic Journey
Lamp Rewiring & Custom Shades: Mod Pieces
Coverlet: S.D.H Linens via Elte Outlet
Kantha Quilt: West Elm
Paint: Para Paints Pearl, SR30