Thursday, January 29, 2009

Design Details: Toss Cushions

I was thinking about what makes a room feel unique & individual. What keeps one person's decor from looking just like the next? It's all in the details, in the accessories. It's the books, the artwork, the bowls, the get the idea. Today is all about toss cushions, and the way they bring colour and texture to a space. The images below are from Design Inc. As you browse, consider how different the space would look without the cushions.

In my own space I have used cushions on both the chairs and the couch, and they soften the lines of the contemporary furnishings. The best part of these pillows is the way the fabrics incorporate all of the colours in the room. I made these myself with fabric found at Designer Fabric Outlet, which is how I was able to get just the right colours and texture.

Not all toss cushions have to be custom made for your space. There are a lot of great options out there, and the best part is, they're generally inexpensive. You can get a lot of design bang for your buck!!

West Elm (Faux) Mongolian Lamb

West Elm (Faux) Zebra

Crate & Barrel Liza

Crate & Barrel Cherry Blossom

Crate & Barrel Layla

Pottery Barn Textured Solid

Pottery Barn Butterfly

Fluf Cushions (available at Hollace Cluny)

If your home needs to be freshened up, or you want to add some colour and texture to your surroundings, just throw some pillows on the couch and you'll see how they change the look of your space. They don't call them "toss cushions" for nothing!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Would You Believe...

I got a hot tip yesterday about this fabulous store that's open until 11 pm, so for all the night owls out there, you can shop late!! If you need it, this place has it - candles, bedding, cushions, towels, rugs, small kitchen appliances... And don't even get me started on the prices...Absolutely incredible!!


Creating a floral arrangement? Need a new home for your goldfish? It's all available here!!


Whether to store magazines or mittens, there's a basket here with your name on it!!

Shower Curtains:

With all this variety, if you can't find a shower curtain that suits your taste, then you're just too picky!!


An excellent selection of chic sheets, all with a respectable 230 thread count.

Kitchen Wares:

There is a possibility that these colourful kitchen wares might make cooking fun!!

Anybody figured it out yet? The name of this treasure trove is:

Believe it or not!!
Check the store nearest you for location and hours:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dreaming...Just a Little Dream

Have you ever woken up one day and realized that your life doesn't challenge you the way you think it should? Ever think of changing things up a bit? Ever thought about packing it in and starting fresh?

I'm not sure whether I should blame Revolutionary Road or just another boring day at the office, but I'm feeling the need for a new challenge. It would be so much fun to sell my almost completely decorated condo, buy a little fixer-upper and start all over in a new town. I only wish it was that easy, but life is more complicated than that. All I know is I saw this cute little house listed for sale in Port Hope, and it makes me wanna relocate. Love it!!

Don't you just love the front porch and the way the icicles are hanging from the eaves? And all for less than what I could sell my one bedroom condo for!! Should I or shouldn't I? Anybody got a coin?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Are the 50's Making a Comeback?

I've just come from watching Revolutionary Road, starring the talented Kate Winslet and the equally talented (and incredibly handsome) Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie is set in the 1950's, in a quaint house, in a small town, within commuting distance of New York City. I have to admit that while I was focused on the plot, I couldn't help but notice the brilliant set design featuring some very cool mid-century decor.

A lot of furniture from the 1950's is still in use today due to its modern design sensibility and quality craftsmanship. Doesn't it look chic?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Liberty Village Home Decor Hotspots

Yesterday was the day to get started on the bedroom drapery, so there was no time to put together a post. However, between my condo and my friend Jackie's house lies Liberty Village, where there just happen to be some great home decor & furniture stores. I did manage to find the time to stop into a few of these shops along the way.

One of the first shops you'll run into as you travel west along Liberty Street is Casalife at 171 Liberty. Upon entering, you'll be struck by the size of the store (it's a BIG space), as well as by the lack of colour. Almost all of the pieces are white, black or charcoal grey, which creates a very chic, modern atmosphere. Casalife covers the furniture staples, plus some fabulous fun pieces such as the brilliant white resin mirror you'll see below.

Casalife has a sister store, Casalife2, just 3 doors down from the original location. This store has a similar vibe, but feels a bit more casual, and it features a lot of great decorating accessories, or "finishing touches".

Also at 171 Liberty Street, with an entrance off Hanna Avenue, lies Haveli Home. This store may be just around the corner from Casalife, but it's a whole world away in terms of design aesthetic. Haveli Home carries furniture and textiles imported directly from India, and this shop is an explosion of colour. David Anderson, the owner & operator of Haveli Home, is extremely approachable and friendly, and he can tell you the story behind every item he sells. David travels to India regularly, where he personally selects the items to be sold in his shop, and since there's no middle man, the prices are totally affordable.

NOTE: The silk poufs in the above photo sell for $199 (currently on sale for $139) at Haveli Home. The same poufs are available at Anthropologie for $298 USD/$378 CAD. Don't believe it? Here's the link (search Pouf): Anthropologie Agadir Pouf

This lotus, hand carved from a solid piece of marble, came home with me yesterday!!

Still moving westward, I made a quick stop into the almost secret location of the Jalan warehouse at 99 Atlantic Avenue. Jalan has a small retail outlet on Queen Street West near Bathurst, but you can see a lot more of what they have to offer in this larger warehouse space. Jalan specializes in Asian imports, and they offer both antique and reproduction pieces which blend well in modern spaces.

Just north towards King Street, at the corner of Atlantic Avenue & Snooker Street, in a massive 20,000 square foot warehouse space, the doors of Canada's first West Elm have been open since October 2008. West Elm is the slightly younger and hipper "sister" store of the Pottery Barn chain. This store focuses on young, urban, trendy design at a reasonable price point. With a concept similar to Ikea, you can take your purchases home with you right away, just pull up to the customer service door at the side of the building and load them up!!

What a great shopping experience, and all within the Liberty Village neighbourhood. For those unfamiliar, this area is bound by Dufferin to the west, King to the north, Strachan to the east, and the CNE grounds to the south. It's a great neighbourhood to check out, I highly recommend it!!