Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday: Work Day

I'll be "working" all day today on the drapes. Don't wait up!!

Kind of wishing I'd bought these, but at $379.99 a panel, I'll just keep on sewing:

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coolest Job

In my opinion, one of the coolest careers of all time would be that of film set designer. Every lamp, every candlestick, every mirror, every book, every urn...the set designers select every detail, creating just the right setting for each scene.

Take a few moments to consider the opulent set design of the following film, winner of 10 Academy Awards in 1939, including Best Interior Decoration, awarded to Lyle Wheeler:

Gone With the Wind
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flea Market Finds

If you recall, the weekend before last, I spent some time in Peterborough where I visited a local flea market and picked up a few small pieces. Those items finally found their way to my desk at work, where I put them to good use. The best part is the way they personalize the space, making my desk a little more "me".



The milk glass vase becomes a pen holder:

The tray with bakelite handle transforms into an organizational tool:

Me likey! And it's about time - I've been with my current employer for more than 17 months, and these are the first personal items I've brought to the office. I guess I'm finally starting to settle in.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Icovia Room Planner

I have used the Icovia room planner for every room in my condo. Personally, I think it's the best way to figure out whether or not what you are planning will fit into the space you are working with. Best of all, it's free, and it's available as a link through several other popular websites.
I discovered the link through DeBoer's, click here to try it: Icovia Room Planner

It's simple to use:
  • Select Design Your Own tab.
  • Enter the dimensions of your space & select a room type.
  • Choose items of furniture & accessories from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the blue i to enter each item's dimensions.
  • Pull & drag pieces around the space until you have the right layout.
  • Print or Save your plan.
This plan is for my balcony, the last frontier:

I have been able to plan my outdoor space in February without going outside. When spring arrives, everything will be ready to go, and I know it will fit!! Isn't technology amazing?

Technical Difficulties

Currently experiencing camera "issues" - returning soon!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What I Learned This Week

The best projects are those dropped off on Tuesday & picked up on Saturday.

No Muss.
No Fuss.
Just pay the man.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rosedale & Summerhill Neighbourhood Walk

Today may not have been the most ideal weather day for a leisurely walk, but since I was out lamp hunting, I took the search to Yonge Street. There is a fabulous strip of independent home decor shops on the west side of the street between Rosedale subway station and Summerhill station .

Let's start the stroll at Yonge & Roxborough:

Belle Epoque at 1066 Yonge:

Hollace Cluny at 1070 Yonge:

Putti Fine Furnishings at 1106 Yonge:

AT Design Group at 5 Macpherson:

Chair Table Lamp at 1156 Yonge:

Decorum Decorative Finds at 1210 Yonge:

Absolutely North at 1236 Yonge & Absolutely Inc. at 1132 Yonge:

This neighbourhood stroll ends at Yonge & Walker. Now turn around and make sure you didn't miss anything interesting!!

Surpise Bonus: I saved the best for last.
L'Atelier is my favourite shop along the strip, and they recently expanded the space, so there is even more to see!! If you visit during spring & summer, you can also enjoy the tranquil outdoor courtyard at the back.

L'Atelier at 1224 Yonge Street:

Despite the plethora of beautiful decorative items, I didn't find the perfect pair of lamps today (although I did see a fabulous antique onesie at Chair Table Lamp). And so the search continues.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Project Down, Countless Others to Go

Remember this?


I'm 2 steps closer to spring, since I also picked up the Moroccan Drum Table at West Elm this week! Don't these two pieces look good together? The moroccan motif is echoed in the cutouts of the drum and the glass of the lantern.

I also managed to get the wallpaper up in the bedroom today, but I'm waiting to reveal the room when it is complete with new lamps (which I still have to find!!). Stay tuned. Until then, here's the teaser:

Design Details: Table Lamps

It's known as the domino effect, a chain reaction of events set off by one initial incident. In terms of interiors, the addition of one new item into the mix can lead to an entire room being rearranged. For me, this time it was the addition of the compote dish full of marbles. I put the tray with marbles and candlesticks on top of the bookcase, which meant I needed to restyle the entire unit. Here's how it turned out:

The domino effect meant that my bedside table capiz shell lamp was pulled into the living room, leaving the bedroom in semi-darkness. Now I have to go shopping for new lamps!!

I wanted this tall cream lamp from West Elm, but they're out of stock here in the Toronto store. BOO!! ($149 large rectangular, $99 small square):

These lamps are available from Pottery Barn (they have an excellent selection):

Alexis Lamps $105 USD

Alabaster Lamp $229 USD

Also offering a good assortment of table lamps, Crate & Barrel:

Haley $219 USD

Cleo $279 USD

Trudie $219 USD

Here are a couple rectangular base lamps from Pier 1 Imports:

Mirrored $99 USD

Capiz Shell $29.98 USD (Clearance!)

Lamps can be a way to have fun with decor. These are designed by Jonathan Adler:

Giraffe $395 USD

Horse $495 USD

Nelson $395 USD

These lamps from Urban Outfitters are fun AND affordable:

Birds $42 USD

The Eiffel Tower $29.99 USD (Clearance!)

The bedroom accent wall behind the bed is finally being wallpapered this Friday, so stay tuned to see what ends up on my bedside tables. Pics will be available upon completion of the project!!