Monday, March 18, 2013

Wallpaper Woes

Sooooo...the wallpaper didn't really work out this weekend. Total bust. I prepped the wall, pre-cut seven strips of paper, applied the paste, "booked" it, waited 5 minutes and put up the first strip. It was all going so well...

...Until I tried to trim the edges. Blurggghhh. The brand new blade tore the paper. No big deal, it's at the bottom and it won't show, I'll snap the blade and try again. Total mess. It was so bad and so unfixable that I tore the sheet down, rolled it into a ball and jammed it into the garbage.  Then I cried (this happens on a lot of my DIY projects). I decided right then and there to call a professional. Needless to say there won't be a room reveal this week :-(

Here's how I cheered myself up: retail therapy. I hit up Southworks Antiques on Sunday afternoon and I found some great deals, including a Royal Doulton tulip vase designed in 1982 by Gerald Gulotta. It looks so pretty sitting on my coffee table alongside the Jill Rosenwald vase I received as a birthday gift.

Fingers crossed I can get a professional wallpaper hanger to come in this week or next so that I can put the guest room back together before Easter. My busy season at work starts April 1st, so the sooner the better!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Fever

It's only March 13th, and I already have a case of spring fever - one full week ahead of mother nature's schedule!! I've been working hard at the condo to get one room completely finished. Last weekend I painted the guest room, and I'm hoping to get the wallpaper up this Saturday. If all goes well, I should be able to give you a room reveal next week (fingers crossed)!!

One of the best things about the new condo is the amount of light it gets. Despite the gloomy skies Toronto has been seeing for the past few days, the hyacinth in my living room has burst into full bloom. Happy early spring ;-)


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rug Rehab

Once I started looking at rugs, learning about how they were made and the effort goes into creating a hand knotted pattern, I became a bit of an addict. Rugs truly are an art form which I have come to appreciate, but it's gotten to the point where I have to be cut off from purchasing any more. I bought my last rug a few weeks ago - a 2'x3' wool Hamadan which I found at Karakashian Rug Gallery at Bay & Yorkville. At $125, it was such a good deal that I just couldn't resist and the gentlemen at the store were so nice that I was more than happy to make a purchase. Karakashian will be closing soon, so if you're looking for a rug at a great price, it's worth paying them a visit!!

After deciding that the size of the ebay rug was fine to use at the front door I needed to find one for in front of the kitchen sink, and this pretty in pink little number was just right for the space. Such a beauty!!

In comparison, these Hamadan rugs from Ikea are lovely, but these are a bit smaller and not as unique. In a stunning turn of events, at $149, they're actually more expensive than the rug from Karakashian.


Gotta run - I'm off to rug rehab ;-)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Light Up My Life

So, let's get right to it. I just have to share - tell me what you think of this beauty:

I have six of these in my new condo. Yep, six!! I bet you're wondering how I got so lucky - ha!! I've been shopping for new fixtures since the day I moved in and I finally have replacements for all of them. Six friggin' light fixtures is a rather significant expenditure, but since I'm such a good shopper, I managed to find all of 'em for less than $900. Here's the rundown:

Entry Hall & Study:
3 Ikea Alang Fixtures

The Ikea Alang fixture isn't fancy, but it's a simple, modern and super affordable option, especially for my front entry hall and study area where there are three fixtures within ten feet of each other. The ceilings in the entry are just eight feet, so I needed to use flush mount fixtures here for sure. I chose the 35 cm size for the first two, but then I bumped it up to the 45 cm size for the last one where the ceiling rises to nine feet. The consistency of using the same fixture for all three just made sense, rather than having a mishmash of styles in this space. Bonus: The large Alang was free when I used the 15% cash back Ikea gift card I received when I purchased my Pax wardrobes.

Front Hall & Study Expenditure: $67.78

Dining Room:
Glass Chandelier

You may remember this amazing glass chandelier from the original post I wrote about it. This was an estate sale find, and I still get giddy when I think about the great deal I scored on this piece. Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to having it installed yet, but it's gonna be a showstopper when it finally goes up.

Total Dining Room Expenditure: $325.00

The bedrooms also have some lovely bare bulb action happening, so each room needs a ceiling fixture. I considered the possibility of a chandelier in one or the other, but in the end I opted for flush mount fixtures in both.

Master Bedroom:
Robert Abbey Square Fixture

I picked this fixture up a loooong time ago when it was the floor model on clearance at Union Lighting. As long as you know what you like and don't change your mind every week, it pays to be prepared and shop on sale. Hopefully this will be going up in the master real soon!

Also in the master bedroom, I got slightly carried away and decided that I could not live with the fixture the builder supplied inside the master closet. I know it will rarely be seen by others, but I have to look at it every day, and I wanted something a little more glamorous. It may not be to everyone's taste, but I love the new brass and acrylic wall sconce. (I spotted a similar Niermann Weeks fixture with a list price of $1660!!)
                                                   BEFORE                                                                                            AFTER

 Total Master Bedroom Expenditure: $337.86

 Guest Bedroom:
Fretwork Flush Mount with Inner Shade

I originally fell for this pretty and feminine fixture at Union, but couldn't justify the $260 price tag :-( When I spotted it on clearance at another retailer, I knew it was meant to be. Yay!! With elements of both silver and gold in the guest room, the metal detail will look perfect in the space.

Guest Bedroom Expenditure: $146.84

If you've been keeping track, I managed to keep the lighting budget for all seven fixtures to $877.48. Not only that, but I'm really happy with all of my choices - they're not just "stop gap" temporary fixtures that I'll want to switch out in a year.