Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tufted Sofas

Have you ever noticed when something appealing catches your eye, you suddenly start seeing it everywhere? Recently I fell in love with a green tufted sofa which I saw in an advertisement for Plantation Design, and now I keep noticing tufted sofas in every magazine and on every website!! I'm not in the market for a sofa right now, but if I were, I would definitely be investing in a modern tufted velvet design, although this classic style also looks great in linen or leather.

Remy Sofa
Plantation Design
LOVE this one, my inspiration!!

The Moma Sofa
Urban Barn

Williams-Sonoma Home

Jonathan Adler

Azure Sofa
Crate & Barrel

Anson Sofa
Room & Board


  1. I'm hooked too! My favorite is a Harvey Probber black tufted sofa I'd seen listed on 1st Dibs a while back.

  2. I am in love with these sofas. They are impossible to find in Halifax. A black or linen grey would be fabulous and go with so much!


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