Sunday, November 6, 2011

InVU Drapery Event: Decorate for the Holidays

This Saturday, inVU hosted a Decorate for the Holidays event at their Mississauga location. Thanks to all of the wonderful ladies at inVU for hosting such a great event!! The attendees received some helpful advice and tips about how to add just the right amount of holiday spirit to your home, without going beyond your budget.

InVU President, Lisa Nicholl, shares her holiday decor tips with the gathered guests. Notice the beautifully styled table in the foreground, which is simple to put together. Sparkly votive holders, crystal stars, clear glass cake plates, and an assortment of snow white pine cones make up this tablescape.

In the next vignette, the addition of a feather wreath over the mirror, a collection of pine cones and ornaments in a fabulous vessel, and a trio of tiny trees is all it takes to say holidays. Take away these elements, and this could be the entry console in your home at any time of year.

I looooove this large icy vessel. It's so glam:

This mantel decor says festive, but in a subtle way. The simple brass vessel filled with flowers, and several brass urchins invoke a holiday feeling. The lesson learned here: Less is More.

This fireplace feels like a winter wonderland, with snow covered topiaries and wreaths mixed with an assortment of white accessories. The flameless reallite candles add a touch of warmth and ambiance to this winter scene.

Looking for an easy to assemble holiday display? Gather a trio of vessels and fill them with decorative ornaments, such as the white pine cones and acorns used here. Keep it simple by using just two or three elements. For example, you could create a traditional scheme using gold vessels and red ornaments.

These are the key points that I took away from the inVU Decorate for the Holidays event:
  • Work with what you have, and add festive elements to your every day decor.
  • When it comes to decorating for the holidays, Less is More!
  • One statement vessel can be used in a variety of ways for every occasion.
  • The best displays use a combination of just two to three key elements.
Now, is it too early to put everything I've learned into action?


  1. It's never too early! I put my tree up this weekend! :)

  2. Great recap of the event Pam, thank you for coming out!!!

  3. Love the wreaths and the fireplace display! Too bad I couldn't make it! Thanks for the recap!

  4. IS in vu drapery still in bussiness , as I went to their Janurary sale and bought 21yard of fabric and when I went back to the store the following day it was clossed and none of thier locations are answering the phones encluding the head office ..
    Have they gone out of business????


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