Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade


The time has come to start thinking about the interior finishes for the new condo. My previous experience went like this: Package A or Package B - choose one. This time around, there are three packages to choose from, but there are also several upgrade choices - counter tops, floor tiles, cupboard doors, backsplash tiles, flooring... Of course any upgrade will need to be carefully considered since nothing in life is free.

The first package is very light, combining white and cream tiles and cupboard door fronts with blonde wood floors and cabinetry. Although it's lovely, I'm not a fan of this somewhat cool palette. (Please pardon the grainy, washed out photos. It's the best I could do.)

The second package presents a much warmer colour palette, with Cherry wood cabinets and floors. Problem:  I can't see past the orange tones of the wood in this combination, so I eliminated this option immediately.
Like Goldilocks, when I saw the third package, I knew that this one was just right. Well, almost just right.. The floors are and cabinetry are walnut, which is not too dark and not too light - perfection. The cupboard door fronts are finished in Cloud White matte lacquer - the ideal neutral. The quartz kitchen counter, however, will require an upgrade, since I'm not loving the greenish hue of this stone. For the bathroom, white tiles, white vanity and white cabinetry with a soft grey floor tile are perfectly acceptable, although I may consider an upgrade to Carrera polished marble for the counter top. The carpet, which will be throughout both guest and master bedrooms is kinda ugly, so I will probably switch it to a lighter shade.

Bianco Carrera Polished Marble
Potential Bathroom Countertop Upgrade:

Antique Brown Polished Granite
Potential Kitchen Countertop Upgrade:

Last but not least, I'd like to have a smooth drywall ceiling throughout the entire space, which could eat up quite a bit of the already non-existent upgrade budget. Sigh... I guess it's time to implement a reasonable budget and stick to it. After all, a girl can want it all, but that doesn't mean she can afford it all :-(


  1. loving #3... your so right on track... so excited for you.

    1. Thanks, I'm pretty excited too!! Just hoping my meager upgrade budget gets me just what I'm hoping for ;-)

  2. I am right with you on #3. Choosing all this stuff must be so fun!

  3. Love #3 - it's warm, but contemporary too. So far as the ceilings are concerned - spend the money now!!! Smooth ceilings are the best way to go. You might consider not doing the bedrooms. But the main area will look that much cleaner with a smooth finish.

  4. love your first choice!! walnut and cloud white sounds like a dream comes true. Now if you actually like the other packages and just not happy with the color, you can easily pop all the door off for a spray.

    you will need to paint the frames but i'm sure you are good for that.

    now for the counter... i know i'm crazy and people love the patina on carrara. But I always have resell in mind and would totally go for man-made stone top instead for extra durability. I do agree I like a white marble inspired counter top for the bathroom and kitchen.

    so excited!


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