Monday, November 5, 2012

Doors of Paris

Although I saw so many Paris highlights during my recent trip, some of the most interesting features of a new city are those things which make it different from places you've seen before. While here in Toronto we are greeted by gleaming lobbies constructed of sleek glass doors and marble floors, the entrances to Paris offices and apartments lay behind the most lovely ornate doors. I think of them like snowflakes. Each entry has its own unique design, whether it's carving, fretwork, embossing or intricate handles, but no two are the exact same. 


American novelist Edith Wharton once lived behind these doors
in an apartment belonging to George Washington Vanderbilt II.

All photos by Pamela Graham for Cherish Toronto.


  1. Always lovely and you never know what's behind these doors - a majestic lobby, a courtyard or a staircase to humble apartments.

  2. Gorgeous - one door seemed better than the next as I scrolled down. It would be such a difficult decision to have to pick the paint colour for one of those beautiful doors.

  3. Love this. I did the same when i went to Croatia. So many cool doors there.


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