Sunday, August 4, 2013

Using Mirrors Above Bedside Tables

About 9 months ago (wow, time flies!!) I posted a DIY project where my Mom and I covered a pair of quatrefoil mirrors with gold foil. The idea was to mount the mirrors on the wall above each bedside, reflecting the light from the table lamps and adding a bit of sparkle. That idea worked great in the old condo but I hit a snag in the new place - the master bedroom here is about 6" narrower than my previous bedroom, plus the new upholstered bed is 6" wider than the headboard I used to have (which was recovered & relocated to the guest bedroom). If you do the math, you'll calculate that I lost an entire foot which meant that the quatrefoil mirrors no longer fit in the space. Boo :(

I decided to hang the gold foil mirrors in the entryway (still a work in progress) and I've been on the hunt for a new pair of mirrors for the master bedroom ever since. I bought a pair that were too big, and then I bought a pair that were too small, and finally, just like Goldilocks, I found a pair that were just right. Thank goodness HomeSense has an excellent return/exchange policy.


There is more space between the mirror and the headboard than there appears, I just couldn't get back far enough to get the right camera angle. I love the shape of these mirrors, and I also love that even the frames are mirrored - I wanted to keep it as simple as possible without introducing any other elements to this wall.

What do you think? Do you like this idea?

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