Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pink & Gold Dreams at The Grand Budapest Hotel

It is very possible that Wes Anderson, director & producer of The Grand Budapest Hotel, has dreams in shades of pink laced with accents of metallic gold. If true, the hotel's decor is the very manifestation of those dreams. I could spend the rest of my days at The Grand Budapest, if only it were a real place...

The movie was just released in North America last week, and I cashed in some Air Miles to see it. Like most West Anderson films, it's kinda strange & kinda quirky, but an absolute visual feast for the eyes. The funicular! The lobby! The baths! And you must see the red lacquered elevator! Highly recommended!!


Photos above via The Grand Budapest Hotel Facebook page.

Find out more about how The Grand Budapest Hotel came to life:

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  1. I LOVED that movie. The quirky story line + amazing cinematography = almost too much



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