Wednesday, September 3, 2014

21 Weeks

It's been awhile, eh? To be precise, it has been 21 weeks since my last post (a purely unintentional hiatus). In the spirit of going back to school after summer holidays, today I'm back to blogging. You haven't missed much - I spent a busy summer doing my thing at work, and it's time to start dialing things back to a regular 40 hour week.

The first thing I want to show off is the gorgeous teak tray pictured above, a very recent thrift find. The tray was created by the prolific designer Jens Quistgaard for Dansk, probably during the early 1960's. The fab find was promptly dusted, oiled and displayed on my dining room sideboard. Check out those curves, what a beauty!!


Photos by Pamela Graham for Cherish Toronto.


  1. many of my favourite blogs seem to have taken unintentional summer breaks - i kinda took one too! good to have you back :)

  2. Love the tray and that vase - very pretty! I must pay closer attention to the trays when I'm thrifting next,


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