Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Design Details: Bedding

After reading through the reviews my home received from voters in Apartment Therapy's Small Cool contest, I noticed that many people commented on the bedroom duvet cover. It's true that since the focal point of a bedroom is almost always the bed, it's important to choose great bedding. This selection sets the colour scheme for the room, and can also create a mood.

Last week on Sarah's Cottage, the East guest room had a bright, sunny feel, while the West room had a cooler vibe. Notice how the colours in the bedding set the scheme for the entire room:

East Room

West Room

Finding the perfect bedding can be difficult - I found mine at Quilts, Etc. It's called Sienna, by Carlingdale:

I also like this Pearlized Sequin Duvet cover from Simon's (only in Quebec):

A classic pinstripe from Restoration Hardware always looks crisp:

This orange tile print from Pottery Barn could inspire a Moroccan theme:

With so many options, it helps to know what colours you like and what the kind of mood you want to create. Most importantly, choose bedding that you love!!


  1. hi there! i also fell in love with your duvet cover on the apartment therapy site - thanks for posting the info where to find it! just wondering approximately how much your set cost? there are no prices on their website, and i don't want to trek out to fairview to find out that it costs $500! thanks,

  2. Hi Anne,
    I purchased my duvet cover, bedskirt & shams at Quilts, Etc. in 2007, but the pattern is still available at Quilts, Etc. I paid just over $200 (incl taxes), but right now the pattern is 50% off, so you might get it for even less!!! Thanks for the compliments!

  3. 50% off?? that's amazing! guess i'm taking the long subway ride out to fairview this weekend! thanks a million :-)


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