Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thanks for Voting

Thanks to all who voted for my home in the Apartment Therapy "Small Cool" contest. This is a quick update about what is happening in the voting process: My place was 1 of 5 entrants selected in the first batch, and with the addition of new batches, there are now 20 homes competing in the International category. I am currently sitting in 7th place with the 140 votes I received.

This is the living room of the current leader in the International category (267 votes):

This is an entrant in the Teeny-Tiny category, 210 square feet in New York City (with 434 votes!!!):

And in the Tiny category, a 350 square foot apartment on New York City's Lower East Side - it's so Tiny they had to put the bathtub in the kitchen (429 votes):

The first phase of the contest continues until April 19th, and you can check out all of the entrants by following this link:

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