Sunday, May 24, 2009

Christie Antiques Show

Today was a perfect spring day here in South Western Ontario!! The afternoon brought bright sunny skies to the region as I traveled 45 minutes west of Toronto to Dundas, Ontario for the Christie Antiques Show. I rolled into the Christie Conservation Area just before noon, on the hunt for a few specific items, but ready to scoop up any good deals on eye catching pieces.

Here is the show field layout, I would estimate there were approximately 300 vendors:

It's hard to capture the scope of the show in photos. Just to give you an idea of the size, consider that I spent 4 hours wandering up and down each aisle, stopping only briefly for refreshment.

This vendor featured Bakelite & Fire King, among others, in MINT condition:

This booth was full of sparkling glassware:

The vendor was asking $45 for the woman with the full skirt:

This is my favourite kind of booth, an eclectic mix:

Aren't these interesting lamps - they'd make great conversation pieces:

A nice mix of glassware & transferware:

See anyone you recognize in this photo?
It's Sarah Richardson & Tommy Smythe,
hard at work on an upcoming project.

By 4 pm, I was starting to fade as I finished browsing the last few booths at the opposite end of the field - time to call it a day.

This was my one & only purchase:

Does the vase look familiar? It's the same vase I featured in this blog about online shopping back in January. The vase is still available on ebay for $100 USD, you can check it out here: Hand Painted & Gilt Victorian Long Neck Vase.
I paid $24.

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