Saturday, May 16, 2009

Design Details...Bookends sounds like such a boring detail, but they can be a fun decor accessory. My new quest to find a great set of bookends came up after installing a new shelf at the office. The mental picture of a row of binders triggered the thought, "This will be the perfect place for a set of really cool bookends."

If this is what you visualize when you think of bookends, you are in dire need of design inspiration:

I was thinking about a pair of sculptural marble pieces, but after browsing on ebay I found bookends in a variety of materials. The possibilities are endless!!

Vintage Reading Girls

Lincoln Memorial


Metal Sculpture

Antique Chinoiserie

Brass Art Nouveau


Bronze & Marble

Next Saturday I'm off to Dundas, Ontario to check out the Christie Antiques Show. A great pair of bookends has just been added to my shopping list!

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