Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rainy Day Activities

Okay, let's admit far this "summer" stinks. With a free Sunday I was hoping to finally spend a day on the beach instead of just at the beach - there is a difference, you know. But as luck would have it, Mother Nature handed us another stormy day.

Due to recent weather events, I have developed a short list of my favourite Rainy Day activities:
Read a Book
Watch a Movie
Take a Nap
Do the Laundry

Today I managed to accomplish All of the Above!!

Read a Book: CHECK
Everyone Worth Knowing
by Lauren Weisberger

Watch a Movie: CHECK

Take a Nap: CHECK

Do the Laundry: CHECK
All while imagining a laundry room like one of these!!

Photo Courtesy of Design Inc.

Sarah's House, Season One
Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Sarah's House, Season Two
Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Photo Courtesy of House & Home

Photo Courtesy of House & Home

Photo Courtesy of Katie's Closets

The Style Dept.
Photo Courtesy of HGTV

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