Sunday, August 16, 2009

Allan Gardens Toronto

This summer, more than ever before, I am enjoying the serenity provided in the tranquil gardens of Toronto. My most recent visit was to Allan Gardens, located south of Carlton between Jarvis and Sherbourne. This area of the city has developed a bad reputation in recent years, but once inside the conservatories, the world outside fades away. The city of Toronto is currently implementing a revitalization program for Allan Gardens. Hopefully this plan will make the park an even more enjoyable place to visit for Toronto residents and tourists alike.

Entering the core of Allan Gardens

The Palm House, Built 1910

Toronto Horticultural Society

Founded in 1834 under the patronage of Sir John Colborne, lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada (1828-36), this was the first horticultural society organized in this province. Established to encourage the introduction and cultivation of improved varieties of fruits, plants and vegetables, its first president was the Honourable George Markland, inspector-general of Upper Canada. An oval of five acres was donated to the society by the Honourable George W. Allan and on September 11, 1860 the Horticultural Gardens were opened by the Prince of Wales (Edward VII). Additional land was leased from the municipality of Toronto in 1864 and in 1888 this park was turned over to the city. It was named Allan Gardens in 1901.

Entering the Cool House Conservatory

Inside the Tropical House Conservatory

What a beautiful pattern!!! And a soft, velvety texture!

Read more about the Heritage of Allan Gardens here.
Find out more about the Revitalization Plan for Allan Gardens here.

All photos by cherishtoronto.

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