Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twelve Trees of Christmas

I have been in Toronto for more than 15 years, but I have never taken the time to visit the Gardiner Museum - until this afternoon. The Gardiner Museum sits across the avenue from the Royal Ontario Museum, and showcases a complete history of ceramics, earthenware, pottery and porcelain.

In addition to the museum's permanent galleries, a special exhibit is currently on display, entitled Twelve Trees of Christmas. These trees have been decorated by local Toronto designers and architects. The theme of the event is "My Christmas Is...", where each tree incorporates the design team's unique ideas for the holiday season.

My Christmas Is...

...My First Christmas
Anne Hepfer
Anne Hepfer Design

...Shaping Up Nicely
Sparling Landscape Architects
with Ellen Harrington Design

...Filled With Memories
Ralph Neal & Jonathon Neal
Upper Canada House Ltd.

...Full of Surprises!
Susan Taylor & Katherine Burke
Katherine Burke Design

...A White Christmas
(Just Like the Ones We Used to Know)
Del Weall & Suzanne Davison
Del Weall Interior Design
Suzanne Davison Interior Design

...Visions of Sugarplums
Anne Swaine & Christine Ecclestone
Annabelle's Interior Design Inc.

...Spending Family Time in the Country
Karen King, Robert King & Jasmine King-Nut
Norma King Design

Carmal Pirbhai & Melissa Walsh Gorton
Reid & Lyons

...Flights of Fancy
Armine Tatosian & Terese Sears
AT Design Group

...Remembrance of Things Past
Julia West & Isabella Dabrowiecki
Julia West Home

...Celebrating the Birth of Christ
Timothy Mather
TM Design Ltd

...Champagne, Oysters...and Catnip
Robert Tanz
Robert Tanz Interior Design

...A Recipe of Our Own Making
Tristan Fuller & Alana Boychuk
Boychuk & Fuller

The Twelve Trees of Christmas exhibit runs until December 10th at the Gardiner Museum. It's worth spending a few hours learning about the history of ceramics while at the same time discovering what Christmas means to these local designers.


  1. I've only been to Toronto by way of airport, but would have loved to see the ceramics housed there. Anything notable on exhibit.

    I always love a good themed tree and since we will not be in NY for Christmas, I'm not doing a tree. I will deck the mantle with boughs and candles, though!

  2. Hi CC,
    The ceramics shown at the Gardiner Museum cover a wide range from early BC to contemporary pieces. My favourites were several examples of 19th century German china - beautiful!! It's worth a visit if you have a chance to spend some time in Toronto.

    Sorry no photos to show you, but there is no photography allowed in the exhibits. I cheated by taking these photos of the trees, but I didn't use a flash.


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