Saturday, November 20, 2010

Redwash and Sparkle

The Bay has chosen a strong but uniform colour scheme for the flagship store windows this Christmas season, and the winning shade is RED. While the backdrops are ablaze with red props, the visual team has added sparkle to the windows with hits of metal and glass. These displays get my vote for most eye catching on Yonge Street. In fact, I think that one of those dresses is calling my name, which means the visual merchandisers have done a great job!!


  1. hi Pam! it was nice to meet you on Saturday...I'm having a little peek at your blog and loving it:)

  2. Oh - these look amazing! I always get so excited for the holiday windows every year - they are always extra special and this one definitely didn't disappoint!

    Was so nice to meet you Saturday! Hopefully we can arrange another meet up sometime soon!

  3. Incredible! Especially those paper wigs!

    Linda Heckman Interior Design
    Providence, RI

  4. what a treat on a gray, rainey day to see such exciting displays of color and grandeur. love those manikins with the all the curls and swirls, very extrordinary presentation.


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