Sunday, April 10, 2011

Apres LA

The week following a buying trip is always chaotic at the office, so forgive me for such a prolonged absence from the blog. Although I've been back for several days, the suitcase sat in the kitchen until just a few hours ago, and I finally feel like I'm getting my groove back.

Tonight I also found the time to put together a DIY project for the store. I created an accessory display by wrapping inexpensive fabric ($3) around a square cork board ($10). Then I hung necklaces from colourful straight pins ($1).

Voila! Instant display!!

And they're all so pretty!!


  1. Hi Pam, I'm new to "blogs' and happened to come across yours when i was looking for Thibaut Wallpaper? Read your blog on LA & LOVED your clothing may I ask where u bought your outfits???I hate to shop but really loved your sense of style....By the way do u have a store??


  2. welcome back Pam! love what you did for the display... and same question as coco. ... do u have a store?

  3. Very cool Pam! Glad to hear you had fun in LA!

  4. @coco, @Tim: My "real" job is working for a small import & wholesale company. The company also operates two retail locations during the Canadian summer (Victoria Day - Thanksgiving). This buying trip was to purchase merchandise for those stores.

    @coco: I bought most of my spring outfits this year at The Bay, and most of the pieces are by INC (International Concepts), with some Esprit and Jones New York in the mix.


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