Saturday, April 30, 2011

Special Moments

I couldn't let such a joyous occasion pass without a quick post about yesterday's Royal Wedding. As I did nearly 30 years ago for Charles and Diana's wedding, I woke at 5 am to witness the marriage of their son Prince William to Catherine Middleton. It was a joyous occasion, a beautiful wedding, and a truly global experience.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

With such fanfare surrounding the event, it was nice to see the couple share a few of their own special moments. My favourite part of the ceremony came as Catherine turned to William with a smile and he responded with a slightly raised eyebrow and a smirk, as the Right Reverend Richard Chartres spoke: "You have both made your decision today...I will..."

Congratulations to the newlyweds!!

Watch all of the Royal Wedding moments on YouTube at The Royal Channel.

Official photo available on Flickr at The British Monarchy's photostream.


  1. I have it recorded at home. .... still have to watch it!

  2. I loved all those little intimate moments! My favourite was when Kate was walking down the aisle and Harry leaned over to Will and said "wait until you see her". It still gives me chills!


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