Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunny Days Ahead

Every spring my tiny balcony (it's only 4' x 8') gets a minor decor tweak. This year the pair of yellow urns I found at Homesense migrated outside, filled with an abundance of faux grass from Dollarama. A pair of yellow toss cushions that I made during one ambitious weekend back in March continued the colour story. The balcony now has a bright & sunny vibe - I just hope Mother Nature follows my lead.


  1. Looks fantastic! Love the yellow! Great mind think alike... Mine this year is also inspired by cheerful yellow!

    I will be gettin my pillow order back from Wes this week as well! Can't wait to put my balcony back together!

  2. I'm loving the yellow as well. Really brightens things up.


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