Friday, October 21, 2011

Sarah's House 4: Premiere Episodes

I feel like I'm the last design blogger to the table to prepare my post about the premiere episodes of Sarah's House 4. But regardless, I'm here to share the pics and divulge what I learned from the first hour of the season. I love that HGTV Canada has opted to air two episodes back to back each week, meaning that we get to watch Sarah and Tommy for an entire hour.

The first half hour dealt with Sarah's search to find the perfect "new build" home in the suburbs. Her mission for this season of Sarah's House is to transform a new build home from cookie cutter to custom. Sarah pointed out several good points and bad points in each of the new homes she visited, but none of the properties truly made the grade. Eventually, Sarah opted to purchase a pre-construction home in a neighbourhood with unique exterior designs. She chose to work with Double Oak Homes to build a home on a ravine lot, with both a school and park nearby. This builder would allow Sarah the flexibility to make non structural changes to the home's interior layout. Her first alteration was to create a long, spacious living room, which would allow southern light to flow through the living room and into the kitchen beyond.

For the living room's colour scheme, Sarah chose to keep the fabrics neutral, but opted for a pale lavender on the walls, inspired by a decorative shell ball which Tommy picked up at InVU. As she often does, Sarah combined a myriad of coordinating fabrics to flesh out all of the upholstered pieces, decorative cushions and draperies in the room. I count at least ten fabrics in this space!!

Walls, Para Paints SR9 Gown:

Ceiling, Para Paints SR15 Cotton:

Trim, Para Paints SR29 Snowfall:

The Fiona couch is Sarah's custom design and the
chrome coffee table is from [U]nion:

In classic Sarah style, the pillows on the couch
are a mixture of prints and stripes.

Bamboo and Birds

Sarah and Tommy found the unique
fireplace mantel at The Door Store.
It instantly lends a vintage vibe to the room.

Sconces in a combination of satin silver and brass
introduce both cool and warm metals into the room.

Although largely covered by a herringbone
seagrass rug, Sarah chose Vintage Flooring
Pioneered hardwood in Red Oak Estates Pewter.

This pair of chairs from Queen West Antique Centre
gets updated in a tonal leaf patterned fabric:

The vintage 3 tiered brass stand
was found at Chair Table Lamp.

What did you think of the premiere episode?
Did you love it? Did you (gasp!) hate it?

PS - Do you love Sarah's wardrobe in these episodes? She's wearing several blazers created by Smythe Les Vestes, a company owned by Tommy's sister, Christie Smythe and Sarah's childhood friend, Andrea Lenczner. How cool is that?

Room photos via HGTV Canada.


  1. These are stunning! I'm loving how neutral works so well together. Have a delightful week ahead, Kellie xx

  2. Thanks for the comprehensive source list Pam! Love to see them all in one spot, esp with pictures! added it to my post as well!

  3. Double Oak Homes are not cookie cutter homes. Builder only does about 20 homes a year. This ain't Mattamy, in terms of quality and design.

  4. Watched episode 4 yesterday and absolutely LOVED the kitchen table she purchased for a steal! Can't believe the great deal she got on that one! Would you happen to have the address of this house? I'm sure it's sold by now, but I would love to go and see the brick colour in person. Thanks!

  5. @Cats Check here for the current listing and address (copy & paste into your browser):


  6. Do you know the fabric for the drapes!?


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