Thursday, February 16, 2012

Four Leaf Clover or Horseshoe?

I've been having really good luck so far this year, at least as far as finding fabulous vintage furniture goes. I am seriously considering trying my luck at the lottery this week :-)

First I found an amazing pair of faux bamboo
bedside tables
listed on Kijiji and picked them up
on New Year's Eve. Now that's a party!!

Then just last week I almost stumbled over this vintage
campaign dresser at the Village. The brass handles
are still wrapped in the original tissue paper.

When I spotted this Lexington chest while thrifting last
night, although I didn't need it, I knew someone else might.
Tweet!! Tweet!! Anyone wanna get lucky?

Fingers crossed it's still there when my friend Jasmine
swings by the Village today to scoop it up!!


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