Thursday, February 23, 2012

Missing In Auction

Sorry I went missing for a bit there, folks. I had intended to write up a couple of posts on the weekend, but then I got distracted by sleeping, cleaning, shopping, brunching...all kinds of fun stuff!! And just when I was ready to sit down at the computer...bam!...I decided to run off to Empire Auctions to do a little bidding. There was a stunning collection of silk rugs on the auction block this past weekend, and I thought maybe I could snatch up a bargain. Well...let's just say that when the opening bids are above my maximum, "bargain" is not the right word, but I did manage to snag one rug in my price range.

I present to you lot #558, a 4'x6' handwoven all silk rug with Kashan motif. I liked this one because it is predominantly navy, and I'm hoping to use it in the office area of the new condo. It will look great next to the gallery wall, which I'm planning to paint a dramatic navy blue.

Such a blend of colours!
A cream border with soft blue & butter yellow
corners lead into a navy blue field.

The central medallion represents a floral motif.
I see my favourite flower, the dahlia, in this pattern.

If you're in the market for a fabulous rug, but don't have an auction house near you, an ebay search often turns up some great options.

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  1. Beautiful find, Pam. Empire Auctions is always a great place to go to get some treasure.


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