Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Fun Stuff

Many of the basics at the new condo are complete - the furniture is in place, the closet is organized, and the artwork is hung. Now it's time for the fun stuff; the finishing touches, if you will. Once the drywall repairs are done (hurry up already, Edilcan!) the painting can get underway and the wallpaper can go up in the guest bedroom. Until then, I've been working on the little things, like these pillows I had made for the master bedroom (thanks to Tim for setting me up with a talented seamstress).




  1. fantastic pillows in our new bedroom Pam! The headboard looks beautiful and so comfortable ... I will have to come for a visit soon! Thanks for the shout out and I am glad that I can help!

  2. Pam, The pillows look amazing. Perfect with the bedding. I can't wait to see the rest of the space.

  3. I think the pillows are great!

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