Friday, February 1, 2013

Purchasing a Rug on Ebay

Have any of you ever purchased a vintage rug online? While scanning ebay listings a few weeks ago, I fell in love with a little rug that I thought would be perfect either at the front entrance or in the kitchen. I wasn't too sure about ordering without seeing the rug in person, but the ebay seller had over 6,000 sales and 100% feedback, so I decided to take the chance. It was totally worth the risk - the rug is sooooo pretty!!

Don't you just love the colours? A navy blue field, a coral medallion and a green inner border - such a gorgeous combination. I decided to use the rug in front of the sink in the kitchen, since it felt just a bit too small at the entrance. The experience of buying a rug on ebay was completely painless, so I may try it again in the future ;-)


  1. It is beautiful - and so nice and bright. I mean it Pam when I say when you are all finished it should be shown in a magazine. Regards Betty

  2. I love it! My dad is always looking at rugs on ebay - big ones! - and it makes me nervous! Glad to hear your experience was so good!


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