Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Study in Storage

When it came time to negotiate the purchase of my new condo, I knew I should ask for a few "extras".  I really wanted smooth finished ceilings throughout the unit, which unfortunately, the developers weren't willing to provide :( In lieu of that, however, I was offered built-in cabinetry for the study nook. Can I just tell you? Best. Bonus. Ever.

The amount of storage in this little nook is more than any simple desk could ever accommodate. Three drawers, full height adjustable shelving behind the cupboard door, open storage and a desk surface. I store so much stuff inside the cupboard; everything from paint chips to binder clips.


The open shelves above the desk are the perfect spot to display a few of my favourite things. I like to mix up the display whenever I find a new addition - like the faux Staffordshire dogs I recently scored while thrifting. 

The faux bamboo chair I found on Kijiji (see this post) looks right at home in the study nook. I was originally planning to paint the chair, but considering its excellent condition I decided to leave it natural. I think it looks fab at the desk, and I use it all the time - in fact I'm sitting in it right now ;)

Have any of you purchased a new home or condo recently? Let me know if you've scored a good deal during negotiations!


  1. Nice post. The photos were especially excellent today. And I love that green Budai.

  2. Oh my gosh, best upgrade ever! I love the mix of white and wood. The recessed potlight is pretty awesome too.

  3. This is an awesome upgrade and it was a perfect use of space. We bought a couple of condos as investment properties but were never given an upgrade option like this. They usually fold in things like a free locker, a couple of years free maintenance, change the switches from toggle to Decora and stuff like that. I need to check out your builder's developments going forward. :)

  4. Love your idea!! Who would have thought a home office + storage will look so good in a little nook! Come to think about it ... if someone doesn't need a front closet, a similar idea can totally be done as well! I too love the white + wood color combination ... looking very custom and contemporary!

    love your chair of course and thank you again for sharing the other two with me :)

  5. Awesome bonus, indeed! My development has a handful of townhouses in addition to soft lofts and I managed to score an upgrade to the larger townhouse kitchen that the developer had asked 15K for just by asking for it at no additional cost when signing back the purchase agreement. Proof that if you don't ask, the answer is always no. :)

  6. Wow - what an amazing upgrade!

    Also, I love those thrifted dogs!

  7. Great upgrade and a beautiful use of it to boot! It kind of sucks that they centred the pot light on the width of the ENTIRE unit as opposed to centred on the shelving - but another stunning corner of your condo nevertheless!

  8. @Jen F & @TLSG I should mention that what appears to be a potlight is actually a sprinkler cover. I wish it were better camoflaged, and if code allows I will paint it brown to match the colour of the cabinetry.


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