Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Christie Antiques Show Chronicle

Even when I don't really NEED anything, I still love to make the trip to the Christie Antiques Show. It's always fun to look, and it felt like there was more than usual to see this time; I was there all day! Arriving early means getting a good parking spot and the pick of the crop, so I was at the entry the gate just before the 8 am opening.

7:55 am. Apparently I'm not the only early bird. I arrived at the entry gate along with a few hundred others:

8:10 am. I made my first purchase; a yellow basket weave McCoy flower pot. My grandmother used to have several of these on her kitchen windowsill. And yes, I was wearing gloves, it was a very chilly morning:

8:15 am. I spotted a beautiful set of Aynsley china and immediately fell in love. There were enough dinner plates, salad plates and soup bowls for 12, and the set included a lidded tureen and a teapot. The asking price was $395, but the seller offered it to me at $325. I totally regret not making the purchase:


8:24 am.  I tweeted a pic of this Eastlake style footstool upholstered in orange velvet. Both the velvet and wood were in great condition, and its tiny proportions made it super cute, but I passed:


8:30 am. I was reminded of my age when I saw a Crissy doll. My sister Debbie had the same doll when we were kids. An item from childhood showing up at an antiques show cannot be good:

9:11 am. A pair of Beswick dogs caught my eye, and at $95 for the pair, they weren't a bad price for such popular collectibles. But since I recently thrifted a pair of ceramic dogs (see this post), in the end I decided against these:

10:53 am. My second purchase was a vintage glass towel bar. It's in great condition - no chips or cracks, just some paint from its previous home. I have yet to figure out exactly what I'm going to do with it, but something creative is in the works. I am embracing the wabi-sabi:

11:35am. There are no words:

11:49 am. There were a lot of beautiful rugs at this show, even more than I remember seeing in past years. I've talked about my rug addiction in the past, but I managed to stay on the wagon. Sigh. So many beautiful patterns and colours. J'adore:

12:03 pm. These bamboo style iron chairs were in nearly new condition - no rust or grime. The vendor had 9 available at their shop near Niagara-on-the-Lake. These would be perfect for outdoor dining & garden parties:

Noonish. Time to break for lunch and enjoy a little 'tweetup' with some fellow bloggers. We shared our finds and talked blogs. Here we are from left to right: Laura of Sweet Maple, Moi, Amy of Love on Sunday, Kisha of Chronicled, and Jen of Rambling Renovators:

4:08 pm. After 8 hours of antiquing, it was time to head home. I took a quick photo of my last purchase before hopping in the car.  I love all things brass, and this set of 6 tiny spoons from Thailand were too cute to resist: 

If you missed this one and you're interested in attending, the next Christie Antiques Show happens on September 7th. In the meantime, check out your hometown for local shows and flea markets. You never know what you'll find ;)


  1. Hi Pam! It was nice meeting you on Saturday as well :) I can't wait to see what you do with that glass towel bar, what a great find! I'm also loving those brass spoons...amazing! Hopefully we'll run into eachother again soon :)

  2. i loooove those brass spoons - what a great find! and i love that you're embracing wabi-sabi :-) lovely to FINALLY meet you! hopefully we'll catch up soon!


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