Sunday, October 20, 2013

Work In Progress: Front Entry

There is paint on the front door!! Coral paint!! To be precise, this lovely shade is PARA Paints' Ooh Long Tea*. And since I am bound by the rules of condominium living, let me be clear: the paint is strictly on the interior of the front door. With no natural light and a door previously painted dark brown the front entry felt a bit gloomy, so I decided that a light colour would be best to brighten up the space. Now it feels much more welcoming.

I knew I wanted to highlight the coral in the Persian rug at the front entrance, so choosing the colour was the easy part. The tricky part was painting around all of the door hardware - I'm not bad with a roller, but I'm terrible with a brush. A few touch ups may be required :(

I gathered my Nate Berkus pineapple & Jill Rosenwald vase to assemble a coordinating vignette on the tiny entry table. Did you know that the pineapple is an emblem of welcome & hospitality? The fern is a new addition and hopefully will survive in the low light conditions.

By the way, this is where the gold leaf quatrefoil mirrors ended up after I discovered that they wouldn't fit above the bedside tables in the master bedroom. The mirrors also do a great job of making the small entry seem brighter & bigger than it truly is. I'm still mulling over the possibility of adding a fun wallpaper to this area, but until I find just the right pattern that idea is on hold. What do you think so far?

*Thank you to PARA Paints for supplying the paint for this project!!


  1. Lovely! I'm completely coveting everything in this post - the little table, the brass cranes, the rug - everything!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I must say that everything in this space has truly been collected. It's a combination of items found at thrift stores, at auctions, at estate sales, via eBay, birthday gifts and Target. No wonder it takes so long to finish a space :)

  2. It looks great! I need to redo my front halll....

  3. Looks great! I love your antique table in the entry way as well!

  4. Hard to say from the photos...but I wonder if you should pull the darkest colour from the flooring or the rug and paint the trim framing the door in that shade? Door now has lots of colour but still no architectural detail and I wonder if pulling in the trim that way might help? Otherwise, nice work and neat to see a choice that is quite different.


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