Monday, October 19, 2009

Pendant Lighting

I have lived in my new home for just over 2 years, and I still haven't really thought about placing a light over the kitchen/dining table. I blame the condominium builders for my procrastination, because they didn't center the electrical box over the area where a logical person would place the dining table. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will have to swag a cord from the junction box to a hook centered over the table. SIGH...

At least I've found lots of fabulous options for fixtures. Check it out!!

Random Light by Moooi
Material: Epoxy & Fibreglass
Designed by Bertjan Pot

Orten'zia by Terzani
Material: Welded Nickel
Designer: Bruno Rainaldi

Hook Suspension Lamp by Terzani
Material: Nickel Plated & Glass
Designer: Jean-Francois Crochet

Flame.mgx Lamp by Materialise
Material: Clay
Designer: Beth Grossman

Dandelion by Moooi
Material: Laser Cut Powder Coated Steel
Designer: Richard Hutten

Milkbottles by Droog
Material: Glass & Stainless Steel
Designer: Tejo Remy

Raimond Light by Moooi
Material: Stainless Steel
Designer: Raimond Puts

Phrena by Artecnica
Material: White Tyvek
Designer: Karl Zahn

Knappa by Ikea
Material: Polypropylene
Designer: Bryelle/Jacobsen

Maskros by Ikea
Material: Polypropylene & Paper
Designer: Marcus Arvonen

Kina Pendant
Material: Australian Hoop Pine Untreated Plywood
(Sustainable Plantation Grown)
Designer: David Trubridge

Coral Pendant
Material: Moso Plywood
(Sustainable Plantation Grown)
Designer: David Trubridge

Agave by Lucepan
Material: Injection-Molded Mathacrylate
Designers: Diego Rossi & Raffaele Tedesco

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  1. Nice collection.I like the golden shades ad they look luxurious.Last one is really cool.


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