Friday, October 30, 2009

Treatments for Basement Windows

Just recently, a reader (aka my Uncle Garry) asked for my opinion about what type of treatment would work best for his newly finished basement windows. These windows swing up and latch or the window can be completely removed. This means no blinds or other contraptions within the casing which would interfere with the mechanism.

Hmmm...while I'm thinking, take a look for yourself (note the beautiful millwork!!):

Wall Colour: Benjamin Moore Wheat Sheaf CC-220

These are my top 2 suggestions for window treatments:

(1) Plantation Shutters.

Image courtesy of

Clean and simple aesthetic.
Good amount of light when louvers are open.
Complete privacy when closed.
Light dusting required to clean.
Can be stained to match the millwork.

May hide the beauty of the existing millwork.
Expensive due to custom work required.

2) Floor Length Drapery Panels.

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Floor length drapes create the illusion of a higher ceiling.
Drapes add warmth to the space.
Maximum amount of light when panels are stacked back to sides.
Total privacy when lined panels are closed.
Neutral colour blends with wall colour for continuity.
Affordable since custom work not required (except hemming).

Curtains will require vacuuming & occasional laundering.

Final Thoughts

The most difficult part of offering an opinion is that the advice seeker often does not share the opinions of the advice giver. In light of this, I have developed a backup option:

3) Window Film

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Provides privacy.
Easy to install.

Not pretty.

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