Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sarah's House 3 Finale

This will be my last Sarah's House recap, since the third season of Sarah's House on HGTV has come to an end. The final episode touches on the exterior of the farmhouse and hidden costs before inviting several realtors to view the property and assess its resale value.

Hidden Costs:
Septic $30,000
Electrical $10,000
Custom Windows $70,000
Porches & Landscaping $45,000

While the real estate agents view the home, we are given one last chance to revisit each room while touching on several of the key decisions Sarah made during the renovation process. If you missed any episodes, you can watch the video online here.

Final Price Analysis:
Sarah's Total Cost $1,239,000
Kara Reed's List Price $1,550,000

Photos courtesy of HGTV Canada.

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