Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tray Chic

I recently purchased a small brass & glass tray to use just inside the entrance of my condo suite. In this case, the tray serves as place to gather several objects together in a cohesive group, forming a vignette.

Tray: Value Village
Candlesticks: Salvation Army Thrift Store
Bud Vase: Jonathan Adler
Porcelain Bird Box: Pearl River Mart

I got to thinking about all the unique ways trays can be used for both functional and display purposes. A quick scan through the initial 4 issues of Lonny Mag provided several images of trays and a few creative ideas about the different ways they can be used in home decor.

Ashley Putman
Tray Sits Atop an Ottoman

Office of Betsy Burnham
Multiple Trays Used as Organizers

Laurann Claridge
Fragrances Gathered on a Snakeskin Tray

Lizzie Bailey
Tray Serves as Mini Bar

Lizzie Bailey
Simple White Tray Gathers Various Objects

Ron Marvin
Coffee Table Tray Vignette

Sean McNally
Display Unique Glassware

Sean McNally
Gather Similarly Themed Items

Trays can be used in so many different ways that we can all add our own personal touch to such a simple item. Why not pick up a tray and see how you can make it your own?

Top image by Pamela Graham for Cherish Toronto.
All other images courtesy of Lonny Mag.

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  1. I use trays as well--on a large ottoman in our family room to keep books + remotes neat and organized and on my bedside table for a clock and other small items. I just read an article in The Washington Post about designer Thomas O'Brien's new book and he also mentions using trays when designing. Practical and beautiful!


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