Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Despite the fact that my condo looks good and feels like home, I'm starting to go a little bit stir crazy. I have the urge to start redecorating from scratch, but my sensible side tells me that only a nut job or extremely rich person would redecorate every three years. So what to do, what to do...

...This is a rather ironic story. I wrote that first paragraph on Wednesday afternoon, and being unsure about what to do, I left the post unfinished. Then Thursday morning I received a text from my brother in law asking if I'd like him to replace my kitchen backsplash tile. It's as though he had read my thoughts!! Of course I replied "yes" before he could back out of the offer.

Back story: When I moved into my newly built condo back in 2007, the backsplash tiles were not what I was expecting. The pretty mosaic tiles I had seen in the model suite had been replaced with what the builder considered to be a "reasonable substitution". News flash: Golden yellow tiles do not coordinate with a mocha brown granite countertop. It might not be bad, but it sure ain't great:

I purchased these glass and stone beauties at The Tile Shoppe during the summer and have been waiting for the tile fairies to install them:

Yessir, I believe some change will do me good. Watch for the facelift photos next week!!

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