Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Santa

It's doubtful that one of these will fit down the chimney, but I'm still putting it on my Christmas list. Santa, I've been a good girl this year, please bring me an etagere.

Etagere: A piece of furniture consisting of a set of open shelves for displaying small objects and sometimes having an enclosed cabinet as a base. (via Mirriam-Webster)

Vintage Brass Etagere
Home of Eddie Ross & Jaithan Kochar
Image via EddieRoss

Black Metal Etageres
Home of Frank Muytjens
Image via LonnyMag

Custom Etagere
Designed by Jim Howard for House Beautiful
Image via HabituallyChic

My Favourite!!
Atlanta Christmas Showhouse
Image via Phoebe Howard

A Pair Creates Balance
Charlotte Showhouse
Image via Phoebe Howard

Asian Inspired Etagere
Room Design by Heather Clawson
Image via Rue Magazine

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