Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Many Homes of Thomas Smythe

Over at Canadian House & Home, there's a great feature on Toronto designer Thomas (Tommy) Smythe. Most know Tommy from his television appearances alongside famed Canadian designer Sarah Richardson. It would seem that in his spare time, Tommy likes to relocate and redecorate. I find it interesting to see how each new space influences the design aesthetic, and how several of Tommy's key pieces of furniture and decor items are used in different ways in each new home.

Tommy's Kitchen Remodel
Featured in Canadian House & Home, 2004

Tommy's Victorian Semi
Featured in Canadian House & Home, 2006

Tommy's 180 Square Foot Rental
Featured in Canadian House & Home, 2007

Tommy's Current One Bedroom Rental
Featured in Canadian House & Home, 2009

To see the entire Canadian House & Home feature, click here.

All images courtesy of Canadian House & Home.


  1. His current space is my absolute favourite! I love those wingback chairs!!

  2. Can anyone identify the animal print used on the wing backed chairs used in the one bedroom rental please

  3. What color is on the walls in the last picture?

    1. Anonymous,
      The wall colour is Pigeon (25) from Farrow & Ball.


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