Monday, January 24, 2011

Chiang Mai Dragon Anyone?

What's Chiang Mai Dragon? Wonder no more, I'm here to enlighten you. Schumacher, one of the oldest and most respected companies in the world of interior fabric and wallcovering, created this exuberant print from a 1920's art deco block print. Available from Schumacher in several colourways, as both wallpaper and fabric, Chiang Mai is a surefire conversation starter which you can add to your home in a variety of ways.

Chiang Mai Dragon (Aquamarine)

Chiang Mai Dragon (Mocha)

Home of singer Shawn Colvin
Austin Monthly via Apartment Therapy

Custom Sofa Design by Erin Gates
via Elements of Style

On the Wall at Grace Home Furnishings
via Pencil Shavings

Toss Cushions
via CocoCozy

Upholstered in Chiang Mai Lacquer
KLUpholstery via Etsy

Custom Clementine Chair
via Hudson

Exclusive Boxed Stationery
via Dempsey & Carroll


  1. Greetings. Just stumbled upon your blog. Very nice. Thanks for posting such inspiration. I'm a blogger as well, just getting into this blog world.

    Love the new paint color in your living room?

    Hey...I'm now a follower!

    Wendy at
    Simply Brookes

  2. Did you catch Sarah 101 last night? She had a headboard & foot board upholstered in Chiang Mai :-) It's such a bold and colourful pattern, and gives you so many colour scheme options.

    Love the look of the black lacquer chair covered in the red colourway :-)

  3. How weird and wonderful, Sarah & Tommy used this Chiang Mai Dragon fabric for the bed in a loft room on last nights "Sarah 101"
    Wonderfully colourful, thank you for the post.
    Regards,Carol Ann

  4. I found it rather amazing that I would blog about Chiang Mai Dragon shortly before the airing of an episode of Sarah 101 featuring the exact same fabric. I would like to say "great minds think alike", but that would be far too vain. Let's just say it was a happy coincidence.

  5. Wendy,
    Thanks for becoming a Cherish Toronto follower. It's great to have you!!


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