Sunday, January 30, 2011

IDS 2011: Sibling Revelry Exhibit

Sunday was the final day to take in IDS 11 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I spent 5 hours walking the floor of the show, chatting it up with exhibitors and snapping more than 140 photos. My personal favourite feature was the Sibling Revelry exhibit, where four sets of siblings designed a 600 square foot space together.

For their conceptual space, My and Thien Ta Trung found inspiration through experimentation. They used an innovative material, Concrete Cloth, to form the walls of their space, applied wrinkled paper to the walls, used gravel as flooring and filled the space with a cascade of tropical plants.

Brothers Glenn and David Dixon were inspired by the story of a young Japanese girl who had been diagnosed with leukemia. The girl, Sadako Sasaki, was told by a friend that if she could fold 1000 cranes she would be granted one wish, the wish to be well again. Sadako spent her days folding these cranes, hoping to reach 1000, but was able to complete only 600 before she passed away. Here in the Dixon brothers' space, 1000 cranes hang from the ceiling as a symbol of hope and peace.

The third Sibling Revelry space was created by Brothers Dressler: Jason and Lars. These twin brothers are both designers and manufacturers, with a focus on responsibly sourced materials and local production. The 'branches chandelier' is a true show stopper.

The space designed by Sarah and Theo Richardson was a fun collaboration, using reverse engineering which saw Theo's products surrounded by Sarah's signature design aesthetic. Each room features a single primary colour, and was designed around at least one of Theo's pieces. See if you can spot the 'Theo' in each room.




Did you spot the 'Theo' in each room? Here are the answers:

Photo 2: In The Right Light & Light Without Darkness
Photo 4: Branch Floor Lamp & Bias Clocks
Photo 6: Excel Wall Sconce
Photo 9: Clinker End Table
Photo 12: Russian Doll End Tables

Interesting concepts, well planned spaces and excellent execution from all of the Sibling Revelry participants. It was a pleasure to meet the Dixon brothers, Brothers Dressler and Theo Richardson. Congratulations on a great show!!

All photos by Pamela Graham for Cherish Toronto.

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  1. love this year's exhibit! not only did i finally get to meet my biggest idols (S+T)and seeing their work in close distance, taking notes of how they actually do their pillows, the little details in their work! What a spectacular space!

    I will be posting my IDS entry as well. . .check mine out later on the week..


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