Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do You Know Horchow?

If not, please let me introduce you to The Horchow Collection. The company was founded in 1971, and has built a successful retail business without ever opening a store - Horchow operates through mail order catalogue and online. You can view the most recent catalogues here: Horchow Catalogues

In the meantime, I've scoured the website and selected some of my favourites. Feel free to place orders and have items shipped directly to my address:

Nailhead Detail & Sunflower Zebra
Absolute Stunner!!

Antique Gold & Granite Side Table

3D Medallion Pattern
Such Unique Design.

Greek Key in Brass
Designed by Alexa Hampton.

Turquoise Tufted Leather
A Lifetime Investment!!

Pricey Madeline Weinrib Alternatives...

Arabesque Pattern
With an Hermes Flavour.

Tufted Brea Headboard
Sumptuous Luxury!!

Peacock Dove Bedding
Artful Bed Linens...

Gorgeous Coral, Pink & Taupe
Fit For a Princess!


  1. I do not know Horchow! But you better believe that I'm checking out their website! But I have a feeling Horchow may be a bit of my price range!

  2. Shannon, It's out of mine as well, but it's always fun to browse!

  3. According to their website they DON'T ship to Canada?


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