Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Top Picks: Of Things Past

There were a few pieces I spied while browsing at Of Things Past which I would've bought had I (a) needed them and/or (b) been able to afford them. I don't want to make the expensive mistake of purchasing items that won't work when I move into my new condominium at the end of next year. Although it IS rather tempting nonetheless!! Here are a few of those temptations:

This low three legged table with marble top was just so dainty, and at $157.50, it was affordable, but I wasn't sure where I would use it. Come to think of it, this would fit perfectly between the two slipper chairs in my living room, and would be ideal to set down a drink or a bowl of snacks. Hmm...I may have to go back for this one.

This table was Gorgeous with a capital 'G'. I am totally feeling brass right now, but it has to be brushed or burnished brass, and the base on this table was absolutely perfect. The travertine marble top made it even more irresistible! I am planning to use warm brass in my future master bedroom, and unfortunately the size and shape of this table won't work in the new space. I really had to talk myself out of buying this one!

This next piece is absolute perfection. It's a solid mahogany campaign chest of 8 drawers by Gibbard and it's in brand new condition. There is also a set of matching bedside tables in equally good shape. To be honest, I may have considered purchasing the two tables if they weren't so perfect, but I'm looking for more of a DIY project where I can paint them and not feel guilty about "ruining" a perfectly good piece of furniture.

There were so many fabulous pieces at Of Things Past that I walked around the entire floor twice to make sure that I didn't miss a thing! According to sources, the inventory changes rapidly, and I'm already looking forward to what I might find on my next visit!!


  1. Love, love, LOVE the chest of drawers. So masculine and with a real old steam trunk feel but better!

  2. You have talked about "Of Things Past" before, but this time I used the link to see what they had. Oh my! I'm looking for a farmhouse kitchen table and this may just be the place to find it. Thanks.


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